In additions to remanufactured motors, Warfield Electric Company customers enjoy the benefits of "In House" armature rewinding and the machine shop service necessary to repair or replace armature shafts, commutators and other components.

Our armature rewinding process incorporates these features:

  • Laminations and commutator are stripped and sandblasted.
  • Replacement armature coils are insulated from the laminations with Nomex to meet or exceed the O.E.M. specifications.
  • Armatures are dipped in Class "H" varnish and baked before final assembly.
  • Each armature is turned and undercut to the proper depth to extend the operating life of the motor, to prevent premature shorts and to increase brush life.
  • After tension banding with Permafil treated glass banding to hold coils in place, the commutator is faced and the armature assembly is completed by brazing the coil and commutator.
  • Finally, the completed armature is both ground and bar-to-bar tested to assure the highest quality.